Again I got an award and I feel somehow awkward about distributing it to 10 fellow bloggers as requested (with our slow line it would take too long to search 10 lovely blogs I love and place ten links on my post). So I only fulfill half of the conditions connected to the price and tell you about five things I love to do.

  • I love doing something creative every day. I even MUST do something creative every day. Be it renovating some corner in our house or refurbishing some old furniture or being artsy with drawing, painting, sewing, quilting or fiddling around with beautiful papers. And of course walking the dog and our cameras, mainly my tiny Sony or Olympus pocket cameras but on Sundays our NIKON D80.
  • I love to read. Mostly everything as long as the books are written in a creative style and are full of suspension. Not too much blood is needed though. I loved Zafóns „Shadow in the wind“ and Kate Morton’s „The Forgotten Garden“.
  • I am interested in the life of people with Down Syndrom as my brother with the extra-chromosome is an extraordinary human.
  • I love to make cosmetics and remedies with essential oils. I love to read, write and talk about the healing powers of plants. Of course, as that’s my profession. I love to grow fragrant plants in our garden and on my many flight you will always find me sniffing perfumes in the Duty Free Shops.
  • And last not least I love to sit in my cozy bed, having either a bar of chocolate or hot chocolate at my side and travel through the fascinating world of fellow bloggers and it’s to all of you my virtual friends that I pass this friendship award! If you also like blissful blogging you should have a look at the gorgeous book from Tara Frey „Blogging for Bliss„.

Beate aus dem deutschen hohen Norden hat mir einen Award verliehen. Wie mittlerweile bei jeder Auszeichnung bin ich hin und her gerissen. Ich freue mich über die Anerkennung und über die virtuellen Freundschaften, die mit diesen Verleihung verbunden sind. Beate gestaltet eine meiner ersten Lieblingsseiten, schon allein weil ihr Titel Seaside-Cottage auch zu unserem Häuschen passt. Und weil sie so schöne Tilda-Sachen nähen kann und mit Blumen so schön umgehen kann. Und weil ihr inzwischen verstorbener Hund Rico heißt wie mein Papagei (der vor langer Zeit aus heizungstechnischen Gründen aus meiner Studentenbude ausziehen musste in die kuschelig-warme Umgebung meiner Lieblingstante und dort lebt und frohe